Support Through Life Circumstances.

Are you experiencing challenges that seem too big to navigate on your own? My name is Bonnie and I want to journey with you.

Provided Services

All services come with a free 15-minute consultation. 


    Psychotherapy is designed to help you increase awareness of yourself and to lead to a more fulfilled life. Therapy is highly personal and each person may have different experiences from therapy. 

    Psychotherapy can have benefits and risks. Usually therapy is emotionally supportive and almost always helps make you feel better. However, sometimes it involves discussing unpleasant experiences in your life which lead to uncomfortable feelings, like sadness, anger, guilt or helplessness. Each person can experience therapy differently.

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy can benefit anyone seeking support, guidance and personal growth. Whether you are facing specific challenges or you desire a greater self-awareness, individual therapy can be a valuable resource.

    Bonnie creates a safe space and collaboratively explores goals that are unique to you. Everyone is unique and therapy is tailored to each individual.

    Each session is 50-minutes in length, which may be weekly, every other week or as needed. 

    Couples Therapy

    Bonnie is only currently offering individual therapy. 

    We all experience seasons in life where challenges can appear like a mountain in front of us. I want to work with you to navigate this terrain, to find new paths to help you move beyond the challenges. 

    I believe we all have the ability to change, and we have untapped resources that sometimes need a gentle nudge to resurface in our lives. I offer a compassionate and collaborative space for you to explore the resources that will help you navigate your life challenges. We can journey together at your own pace in a safe and supportive space. Everyone is unique, and therapy is tailored to each individual. 

    I offer a culturally informed eclectic therapeutic approach, that combines training in Family Systems, Solution-Focused, Emotionally Focused, and Dialectical Behaviour (DBT) therapies. I work with diverse clients experiencing grief, trauma, addictions recovery, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. If you are facing mental health, family and relationship challenges, or difficulty coping through life transitions, I want to journey with you.

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